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CRM and ERP solutions

Reasons why organizations use CRM and ERP systems:

  • lower operative costs
  • higher productivity
  • faster adaptation to market needs
  • better communication
  • on time information to make important decisions
Who we are

IBIS Systems PLC started 2005 the development of Siebel competence. Today we have international experience implementing Siebel in Switzerland, Germany and aquired knowledge in Austria and Netherlands for major corporatons in different Industries e.g. Pharma, Insurance, Chemical and Industrial.

We focus on the CRM Systems specialized business solutions for the Medium and Larger companies in different idustrial sectors in Bulgaria and Europe.

IBIS Systems is partnering with leading CRM companies across Europe and is the leading Siebel implementation and competence company in Bulgaria.



Our Mission

To be market leader enabling our customers unleash their full potential by providing them the best in Siebel CRM and SAP R/3 ERP.

Grow our presence in the Software Solutions and Service marketplace, serve our clients and drive profitable revenue growth while maximizing the value/benefits for our clients.

Our Vision

To be a leading nearshore and local system implementation provider for CRM systems.